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Services (CRC Kuching)


Sarawak General Hospital was selected as one of the hospitals to have a Clinical Research Centre under the 8th Malaysia Plan. Ultimately for the proposal to take off successfully, the State Health Department, Sarawak has generously assist in secretariat support with post for staff; office space and financial support. CRC Hospital Kuala Lumpur contributes by conducting courses in Good Clinical Practice; assist in the research methodology and exploring of the facilities of online registries data entry from CRC Sarawak General Hospital.

  1. Venue – The previous CRC used to share a space in the Cardiac department seminar room. State Pengarah, Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sarawak was approached by the CRC Chairman for a space on its own. On 21 October 2004 approval to take over the Laboratory student’s training school when they eventually move was given by the State Pengarah.
    Renovation works only started in December 2006 when the space was vacant.
    The present CRC was renovated by the Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sarawak at a cost of RM96, 946.00
    An additional cost of RM20, 000 was used for the extension of the meeting and pantry room. Testing and commissioning was done on 5 July 2007

    • 1.1 Present CRC Soft opening of CRC
      A soft opening was organised on 25 January 2007(Thursday) for Heads of depts. of Sarawak General Hospital. This activity was to introduce CRC on its functions and services available. At the same time the National Medical Research Register (NMRR) was launched by Dr Raja Lope Ahmad Bin Raja Ariffin, Pengarah Hospital with the assistance of Puan Hanizah Hashim (Research Admin Unit) and Cik Nur Akmal Hayati Mohd Jaffar from CRC, Hospital Kuala Lumpur
  2. Research/data information in SGH – On 17 April 2007 CRC, Sarawak General Hospital introduced a work process for all internal and external clients requesting information/ data in the hospital. All application has to be reviewed and recommended by CRC, Head/Secretary before seeking approval from the relevant Head of department and Hospital Pengarah. A flowchart was included in this procedure.