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Services (CRC Penang)

Clinical Research Centre will provide service for clinicians working in the Ministry of Health Penang Hospital. The centre will support clinicians and others interested in research to plan and conduct their clinical research.

Who can request this service?

  1. Clinicians
  2. Health Managers
  3. Paramedics
  4. All others interested in research

What kind of services/ help are available?

  1. Clinical research planning and coordination
  2. Proposal / Protocol development process
    1. Review past and current Literature relevant to the trial
    2. Study design and methodology
    3. Draft protocol concept sheet
    4. Conduct protocol design meeting
    5. Prepare a draft protocol, sample Patient information sheet and informed consent form
    6. Conduct protocol review meeting
    7. Revise and finalize the protocol
  3. Statistical analysis
    1. Determine the optimal study design
    2. Sample size calculation
    3. Randomization
  4. Case report form drafting
  5. IRB/IEC submission
  6. Financial Planning / Grant Application
  7. Trial Monitoring
  8. Training of study personnel
  9. Data Management
    1. Data collection
    2. Data entry
    3. Data analysis
  10. Archiving
  11. Study report writing
  12. Help with the submission for publication
  13. Registry development
  14. Trial Clinic
  15. Conduct GCP and research related courses