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Services (CRC Melaka)

1. Investigator Initiated Research (IIR)
1.1 NMRR (National Medical Research Register) Registration
Please Click here for further information
1.2 Research Grants Application
1.3 Statistical Consultation
Every Friday 3pm – 5pm at CRC Melaka
2. Clinical Research Training
2.1 How to write research proposal.
2.2 Registering your project in National Medical Research Registry (NMRR)
2.3 Using statistics in analysing your data
2.4 How to write up your research for publication
2.5 Tips on Oral And Poster Presentations
2.6 Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certification for potential researchers
Please register with us for courses year 2014
1. To assist investigators with online registration with NMRR website
2. To provide data entry services for National Registry.
3. To assist researchers in their Clinical Trial.
4. To help One-Stop-Centre Kuala Lumpur and sponsors team to get a participations from the Specialist and Medical Officer of Hospital Melaka to involve in Clinical trial.
5. To collect all research that has been done by investigators in Hospital Melaka, Alor Gajah, Jasin & District Public Health in Melaka.
6. Organize a clinical / medical workshop, course and conference for Melaka state.

Clinical Research Centre Melaka Activities 2014

February 21
(Fri: 9.00am-5.00pm)
“Literature search with Virtual Library”
Zamrud, Hospital Melaka (HM) (MOH Melaka only)
March 26 – 28
(Wed -Fri : 8.30am-5.00pm),
“Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Workshop Melaka”
Auditorium Sri Baiduri, HM (Open to MOH & Private)
April 23-24
(Wed-Thu: 8.30am-5.00pm)
Statistics Workshop (Series Workshop 2014)

Manipal College (MOH Melaka)
May 19
(Mon: 8.30am-5.00pm)
“Excel Course”
Zamrud Hospital Melaka (HM) (MOH Melaka only)

June 25-26
(Mon-Tue: 8.00am-5.00pm)
Abstract, Oral, Poster presentation & Publication” Series Workshop 2014
*Combine Dental & CRC Melaka Manipal College (MOH Melaka only)
August 18 (Mon)
Email dan Etika IT”
JKN Komputer
(MOH Melaka only)
September 05
(Fri: 8.00am-5.00pm)
MOCK Research Day”
Auditorium Sri Baiduri HM
(Series Workshop 2014) *Combine Dental
MOH Melaka only)

September 29
Research day Melaka
Auditorium Sri Baiduri
(Open to MOH & Private)
October 17-19
(Fri–Sun) To Be Confirmed
“Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Workshop”
(Open to MOH & Private)

Booking Course: email melaka@crc.gov.my (provide us name, dept/institusi, IC No, vegetarian/non, email address , contact (hand phone no) and courses selected ) Or call 06-2892182/2195 for futher information.
Closing date one week before tentative.

3. Support in conducting research
3.1 NMRR Registration
3.2 Statistical Consultation (Friday 3pm – 5pm at CRC Melaka) Free usage of original SPSS version 20
3.3 Research Grant Application
3.4 Site coordinators and Research Assistants to help investigators
3.5 Arrangements and liason with sponsors, Contract Research Organisation (CRO), Clinical Research Associates (CRA) for conducting clinical trials initiated by the Pharmaceutical or Device Manufacturing Industry
3.5.1 Feasibility Request Identification
3.5.2 Site Selection Visit
3.5.3 Trial Contact Review
3.5.4 Site Initiation Visit
3.5.5 Recruitment of Subjects
3.5.6 Trial Related Procedures
3.6 Facilities for Clinical Trials
3.6.1 Blood taking , centrifuging, packaging, shipment analysis
3.6.2 Vital Signs Monitoring including weight, waist circumference and BMI
3.6.3 Electrocardiogram (ECG)
3.6.4 Lung Function Test
3.6.5 Consultation Rooms for Subject examination
3.6.6 Waiting Room for Consultation
3.6.7 7 Subject Education
3.6.8 Communication via Interactive Voice Response System ( IVRS) and Interactive Web
Response System (IWRS)
3.6.9 Investigation Product Storage and Dispersing
3.6.10 Storage and Retrieval of trial related records
3.6.11 Frozen Sample Storage (-30 ̊C Medical freezer)
3.6.12 Meeting Arrangement for Site Monitors, Auditors and Inspectors
3.6.13 Internet and Wifi accessibility at 1 megabyte speed (will up grade 4 megabyte)
4. Coordinate Patient Registry
Current Registries in Melaka Hospital :
i. National Renal Registry
ii. Malaysian Organ Sharing System for Kidney (EMOSSS)
iii. National Cardiovascular Database (NCVD)
iv. National Eye Database
v. National Mental Health Registry(NMHR)
vi. National Suicide Registry Malaysia (NSRM)
vii. Diabetes in Children Adolescent Registry (DiCARE)
viii. Malaysian National Neonatal registry (MNNR)
ix. National Orthopaedic Registry (NORM)
x. National Dermatology Registry
xi. National Colorectal Cancer Registry ( NCPR)
xii. National Obstetrics & Gynaecology Registry (NOR)
xiii. Malaysian Intensive Care Registry (MICR)
5. Coordinate Patient Registry
Coordinateand support interagency research involving government, academics and private researchers and institutions.