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Services (CRC kedah)

  1. Research Services/Consultation
    • Identifying/developing research ideas
    • Proposal development
    • Data entry
    • Data analysis
    • Assistance with statistical software
    • Report writing/Publication Approval
    • Research Registration in the National Medical Research Register (NMRR)
    • References/Literature search
  2. National Medical Research Register (NMRR)
    • Ensure local research are registered on the NMRR
    • Ensure local researchers are GCP certified and registered on NMRR
    • Ensure publications obtain approval
  3. Clinical Trials and Research
    • Promote and support industry sponsored and investigator-initiated trials/research
    • Provide administrative and facility support
    • Conduct feasibility assessments
  4. Research Training, Courses & Workshop
    • Identify needs of potential and current researchers and organize relevant programmes to create a pool of well-equipped clinical investigators
  5. National Registries
    • Provide support for national registries
    • ICT infrastructure to enable better access to registry web application
    • Data entry services
    • Registry Office for National Cancer Patient Registry-Colorectal Cancer and National ORL Registry