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Services (CRC JB)

  1. To support and facilitate research activities in the hospital through the provision of a) Database of clinicians interested in research – by interest areas, track record on Industry Sponsored Research (ISR) for Investigator Initiated Research (IIR) and publications; b) Technical support such as statistical analysis; c) Administrative support such as providing research assistants and study coordinators; d) Facility support such as IT, statistical software, and others, and work station.
  2. To assist in the registration of research protocol to NMRR (National Medical Research Register) and application of grants for research.
  3. To participate in clinical trials and other research initiated or coordinated by the national CRC.
  4. To promote research through capacity building in the following ways:
    a) Conduct courses such as Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Research Practice (GRP), research methodology and biostatistics;
    b) Conduct regular in-house Continuous Professional Development (CPD);
    c) Run research clinics – provide consultation on research methodology, study design, protocol and statistical analysis;
    d) Have mentoring programmes for clinicians and other medical professionals interested in research.