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Services (CRC KL)

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  1. Providing a consultancy service in conducting clinical research in ways of:
    a) Conducting trainings such as Good Clinical Practice, Good Research Practice and Biostatistics.
    b) Conducting in-house Continuous Professional Development (CPD) routinely
    c) Providing consultancy service for research methodology, study design, research protocols and statistical analysis.
    d) Conducting Research Clinics to assist healthcare providers with their research.
  2. Involvement in clinical research conducted or supported by National Clinical Research Centre (NCRC).
  3. Assistance in protocol registration at National Medical Research Register (NMRR) and research grant.
  4. Providing facilities to support and assist clinical researches in ways of:
    a) Data support system such as journals and publications by Individual Initiated Research (IIR) as well as Industry Sponsored Research (ISR).
    b) Administrative support such as working space, Internet services, research assistant, research coordinator etc.