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Research Ethics for Vulnerable Groups

There will be a CME session on the 13th of November 2017 

Date : 13th November 2017​ -Monday
Time  : 8.30am -10:00am 
Venue : HSU meeting room , 3rd floor, MMA House , Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur 
Topic : "Research Ethics for Vulnerable Groups – Who are they, why they are
  (by Associate Prof.  Cheah Phaik-Yeong   –   Head, Department of Bioethics &
Engagement; Coordinator, Data Access Committee, Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine
Research Unit, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Thailand)

Background of CME

Vulnerable subjects in clinical research usually refers to children, pregnant women, patients with cognitive impairment, and prisoners. Protecting their rights in clinical research is critical in research ethics. However, depending on different situations, the vulnerability of the subjects in research varies. How do we address that and protect them will be a challenge.

Associate Prof.  Cheah Phaik-Yeong

Dr Phaik Yeong Cheah, an Associate Professor of Oxford University is  based in Bangkok at the Wellcome Programme. She is currently the head of a new department, called the Department of Bioethics and Engagement. The department works on ethical issues arising from conducting research and working with vulnerable populations such as children, pregnant women, migrants as well as other disadvantaged and hard-to-reach populations.  In addition, the department’s remit also includes developing and managing the programme’s community and public engagement work either programme-wide (e.g. the artist-in-residence programme), location-specific (e.g. supporting the long running  Tak Province Community Ethics Advisory Board) or study specific. She is particularly interested in ethical issues in community engagement and paediatric research.

Registration URL to join meeting:  meet.google.com/ytn-ajgu-pdn  

All staff of CRCs in Klang Valley are invited to join us at the HSU meeting room in person.


For CRC Network

We will be using "Google Meet" to broadcast the CME online transferring from the previous Go To Training platform.

You can read more on Google meet via this link :