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Research Consultation Clinic (RCC)

RCC is a free consultation service provided by experienced epidemiologists statisticians, and research officers from CRC to assist MOH investigators/researchers in their clinical research. RCC usually entertain the following requests:

  1. Proposal development
  2. Protocol development
  3. Sample size planning
  4. Research design
  5. Statistical Analysis Plan
  6. Data management/Data Cleaning
  7. Analysis
  8. Interpretation and output presentation
  9. Statistical writing

The RCC service are currently provide at National Clinical Research Centre, Level 3, Administration & Finance Block, Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

To request for RCC service at National CRC, contact Biostatistic Unit at 03-26980310 or email nurkhairul@crc.moh.gov.my or muneer@crc.gov.my.

The application will go through several steps as below:

If the request is made via phone, our officer will ask for client’s personal details and will inform the tentative date and time for the appointment according to the above timeline. If the request is made via email, information such as full name, designation, organization, title of the study and type of consultation are needed and we will reply to clients within one week to inform date and time of the appointment

We need clients to provide several documents before attending the RCC. They are:

  1. A brief proposal comprising of introduction, objectives and methods of the study
  2. Problem or issues related to the study that needs consultation service.
  3. Related literature
  4. Manuscript if relevant

Apart from that, we encourage clients to bring their own laptop so that we can give them a “hands on” session at the same time.