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Our Services

CRC possesses sophisticated facility and equipment, state of the art technology, and most importantly the trained human resources such as project managers, epidemiologists, statisticians, information technology professionals and other technical supporting staff skilled in clinical databases and registry operations.

These resources are consolidated in the various team in CRC including Clinical Epidemiology team, Healthcare Statistic team, Biostatistics team, Bibliography team and ICT team.
CRC’s role is to provide:

  1. Funding through a Special Registry Grant generously set aside under the office of the Deputy Director General (Research & Technical Support) Ministry of Health Malaysia.
  2. Technical resources for the registers; in particular the requisite expertise in registry sciences (clinical epidemiology, clinical economics, biostatistics, medical informatics etc).Click here for technical support services from CRC for clinical databases and registries
  3. Oversight to ensure that all registries produce the promised results and operationally comply with applicable ethical guidelines and best practices (operational transparency, information to security, access to data for research etc).

In other words, we assist medical professionals to establish patient registries in their therapeutic areas. But, we stop short of actually running the registry. Each clinical group must be committed to owning and operating their own registries; CRC will not do this for you nor of course do we have any ownership rights over your data.

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