User have a three (3) option to use the navigations
For view the graph, user must click on the categories and the pop-up will be appear to allow user click the "View Statistic".
User also can view the number of graph 1 by 1 column when user bring the cursor to touch the bar on the graph.
User have a options to show and hide the graph data by clicking on the red box.
Visualize Data not only for view the statistics but this system also allow user to print, convert graph to image and pdf.

INFORMATION: *NHSI data was collected based on the key-user needs for local health service research. Other users should understand that the inclusion and exclusion criteria, service and data definition used may differ from other sources. Therefore, interpretation and comparison should be made with caution. The Health Informatics Centre, Ministry of Health Malaysia is the official source of Malaysia health data. Harmonization of health data for the purpose of International exercise must be obtained from this official source.