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News & Events (CRC Kuching)

Future CRC

The new building is in progress and estimated to be completed in 2013. After the completion of the holdings, piling works began. The work is being monitored by the Safety and Infection control Unit monthly.


1. September
Ms Lana Lai, Pharmacist U44 has left for her master in Boston on scholarship. Congratulations. Attached is a photo when she did a poster presentation in Berlin, 2009.
2. August
9-10 August – Educational Visit

Ms Tan, Admin Manager with 2 Research Officer from CRC Kuching and 1 Research Officer from CRC Sibu visited CRC Selayang and CRC National to gain some insight of the activities and other network.

3. July
29 July – Family Day

CRC staff has a gathering in Pullman Hotel before the Fasting month start.

4. June
27 June (6th)

– Rheumatology Research Update by Dr The Cheng Ley (Rheumatologist)
– Avoiding potential pitfalls of trials by Cik Bibi Faridha Mohd Salleh (Pharmacist)

5. May
GCP Workshop 26-29 May 2008 – Merdeka Palace, Kuching

– the successful rate was 97.62%

23 May (5th)

– Cardiology Research Upadate by Dr Ang Choon Kiat (Cardiologist)
– Working with limited budget/How to calculate budget by Encik Lawrence Anchah (Pharmacist)

18 May – Dr Alan Fong (Secretary, CRC) has a first baby boy.
17 May – Prof Dr Gregory YH Lip visited CRC, Kuching. Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Birmingham, UK. His research interests are in hypertension, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, thrombosis & antithrombotic therapy and ethnic differences in vascular disease.
He gave a lecture “Lipid lowering and cardiovascular disease continuum: Insights from Atherosclerosis, Hypertension and Atrial Fibrillation”
6. April
25 April (4th)

– “Oncology update” by Dr Beena Devi (Oncologist)
– “Improving & optimizing site mx” by DrAlan Fong (Cardiologist)

17 April – Prof Dr Sim Kui Hian and his team visited the Singapore Biopolis where drug discovery and clinical research, to manufacturing and healthcare delivery were available. The objective for the team is to see/learn of the set-up to assist with the development of the future CRC, Kuching.
7. Clinical Presentation Conference
Clinical Presentation Conference is being organized by the Hospital for all staff on every Friday at 8am.
4 Jan – “Clinical Research Can we Do Better” by Dr Alan Fong, CRC
15 Feb – “Excellence in investigator Site” by Dr Alan Fong, Cardiology/CRC
8. CRC committee meeting
5 March – 1st meeting was held. The members comprises of the Head of the Hospital Directorate
9. “Research in Progress” meeting
“Research in Progress” meeting (January-March) – 3 meetings
In these meetings talks were given:
25 Jan – “How to register with NMRR” by Puan Sithy Harjeah Ibrahim (CRC)
29 Feb – “How to apply MREC grant” by Puan Sithy Harjeah Ibrahim (CRC)
28 March –  “How to write a study proposal” by Encik Lawrence Anchah (Pharmacist)
Committee members share their research experience in these meetings.
The NCVD- PCI/ACS registries funding for the first quarter of the year is being utilized for the investigators/nurses meeting during NHAM conference.
About RM20, 000/- will be used to print 1, 000 copies of the 1st ACS reports.
11. March
5 March, CRC submitted the estimates for the loose fittings for the new CRC building to JKN Sarawak/KKM before the call for tender can proceed.
12. February
15 Feb, newly promoted Nursing Sister, Mok Ai Hua was posted to CRC to fill the approved post. There are Pharmacist (2), Staff Nurses (4) approved posts in CRC, Kuching.
13. January
the networks from the different sections within the hospital are connected to CRC server.
The server was installed on 15 January. It is complete with firewall/antivirus.