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# MOH Government Guidelines
1 Good Clinical Practice, 4rd edition
2 Malaysian Guidelines On The Use Of Human Biological Samples For Research
3 Guide to BA / BE Centres in Malaysia
4 Good Clinical Practice, 3rd edition
5 National Standards for Stem Cell Transplantation 2009
6 National Standards for Cord Blood Banking and Transplantation 2008
7 Malaysian Guidelines for Stem Cell Research and Therapy 2009
8 Directive mandating trial registration via NMRR for trials applying for CTIL
9 Guidelines for the Application of CTIL
# Malaysian Regulations
1 Medical (Amendment) Act 2012
1 Medical Act 1971
2 Malaysia Data Protection Act
3 Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulation 1984
4 Sale of Drugs Act 1952 (Revised – 1989)
5 Private healthcare facilities and services act 1998
6 Sale of Drugs Act 1952(new)
7 Sales of drugs act 1952[1]
8 Malaysian Guideline for Good Clinical Practice (3rd ed)
# Economics Research Guidelines
1 Canadian Guidelines for the Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies 2006
2 Good Clinical Laboratory Practice CLGP
3 Guidelines for Economic Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals: Canada
4 Guide to the methods of technology appraisal 2008
5 Guide to the Methods of Technology Appraisal 2004
# Medical Research Guidelines
1 Designing and Conducting Health Systems Research Projects”- Training Modules
2 Tempoh Sah Permit Untuk Mengimport dan Mengeksport Tisu Manusia, Organisma dan Bahan Patogenik Bagi Kajian Pusat Penyelidikan Klinikal (CRC)
3 A Guide to Good Research Practice by Monash University
4 Good Research Practice-What is it
5 International Ethics Guide
6 General Guidelines For Case Study Reporting
# Epidemiology Research Guidelines
1 Good Epidemiology Practice Nov 07
# Biostatistics and Data Management
1 U.S. Federal Statistics and Statistical Ethics: The Role of the American Statistical Association is Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice
2 ISI Declaration on Professional Ethics 2009
3 PSI Guidelines for Standard Operating Procedures