Hospital Wanita dan Kanak-kanak Kuala Lumpur (HWKKKL) provides Paediatric, as well as Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) services. It is a tertiary referral centre that caters not only Kuala Lumpur area, but accepts referrals from all over the country for a multitude of Paediatric and O&G subspecialties.

This is also a training centre for doctors and other health professionals. Undergraduate students from government and private universities have part of their education here. Masters students come from universities like Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Universiti Malaya.

Doctors who are involved in parallel pathway programs like MRCPCH and MRHOG also undergo some of their rotations in this hospital. The availability of Paediatrics and O&G subspecialty made HWKKKL is a centre for subspecialty training. Nurses carry out part of their advanced diploma course, as do other allied health officers.

Pusat Penyelidikan Klinikal (CRC)

The diversity of clinical cases and the substantial amount of educational activities going on in HWKKKL made this hospital a hub for clinical research for Paediatrics and O&G in this country.
The research centre of this hospital started as Unit Penyelidikan in March 2019. The Director General of Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) endorsed the establishment of Clinical Research Centre (CRC) in HWKKKL on 23rd October 2019. This is the 35th CRC formed in the country, out of 36, which functions as a facilitator to research activities in MOH health centres.


1. Training

To aid and guide researchers about registration with National Medical Research Registry (NMRR) as well as with the hospital and departments.
To facilitate Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM) with Industry Sponsored Research (ISR) activities.
c To initiate and be involved directly in research activities

2. Training

a To provide training, for example, workshops and seminars, in areas related to clinical research.
b To give guidance on preparation of research proposals.

3. Consultation

a Provision of research consultation to ensure the smoothness of clinical research activities.

4. Management

a Daily administrative activities related to research and to the hospital.
b Implimentation of research and hospital standard operating procedures.
c Availability of Meeting Rooms for meetings related to clinical research.
d To cater workstations with office facilities for data collection and processing.


1. Within CRC office area

Within CRC office area, two meeting rooms available for meetings, audit, monitoring, and training activities. Each of these meeting rooms could cater for 12 people.

2. The hospital has specified an area for training and lecture activities called Pusat Pentadbiran Pasca Siswazah (PGMS) at the 3rd floor of the building, near CRC office. It includes

a Main auditorium, which accommodates 250 people.
Six seminar rooms, each could fit 20 participants. The partitions in between three of the rooms could be opened to transform the small seminar rooms into a bigger space that could cater for 60 people.
c Two teleconference rooms that could fit 20 people each.
d Two meeting rooms, each of them provides space for a group of 20.


1. Monitor clinical research in Hospital Wanita dan Kanak-kanak Kuala Lumpur

a Total 12 industry sponsored research (ISR) ongoing in HWKKKL.
b More than 30 investigator initiated research (IIR) – the number increasing each mont.h
c Moe than 20 new studies (both ISR and IIR) registered since June 2019.

2. Training activities*

a Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Refresher workshop conducted on 19th August 2019.
b Protocol Deviation (PD) Workshop conducted on 25th September 2019.

*Both workshops were done in collaboration with Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM).

3. Supporting ISR and CRM activities

a Provision of working area for CRM staff.
b b. Providing venues for meetings, monitoring and audit activities

4. Conduct clinical research and hospital audit in HWKKKL

a Admissions audit to general paediatric ward HWKKKL.
b Assisting Unit Kualiti HWKKKL with statistical analysis for patient satisfaction survey.
c Involvement in paediatric research activities at national level.

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GCP Refresher Workshop
Protocol Deviation Workshop|25th September 2019
GCP Refresher Workshop|19th Aug 2019
Office Facilities
Education Centre

Hubungi Kami

Dr Asiah Kassim

Emel : kassimasiah@yahoo.com

Dr Maria bt Kamal
Pengurus Pentadbiran

E-mel: researchwchkl@gmail.com

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