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The CRC, one of the seven research institutes under the national institute of health (NIH) Ministery of Health Malaysia (MOH), has been operational since august 2000.

CRC functions as the Clinical Research arm of the MOH. It has 31 branches located among the major MOH Hospitals and is headquartered at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL).

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Assisting Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists And Other Allied Staffs In Their Research Work.

Although We Are Relative New, Our Crc Has Already Offered Many Services To Help Researchers Which Include :-

Research Protocol / Proposal Clinic.

Statistical Clinic.

NMRR Registration Assistance.

– Ensure local research are registered on the NMRR
– Ensure local researchers are GCP certified and registered on NMRR
– Ensure publications obtain approval

GCP Certification (In Collaboration With Other CRC).

Guide To Medical Research Ethical Committee Approval (MREC) Submission.

Workshop/Training/Activities 2021

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Dr Vijaya Kumar A/L L.Suppan

E-mail: vksuppan@hotmail.com
Clinical Research Centre
Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim
Jalan Lencongan Timur,
Bandar Aman Jaya.
08000 Sg. Petani, Kedah
Tel: 04-4457333
Fax: 04-4480416

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Dr Siti Salwa Bt Ramly

E-mail: drsitsal@yahoo.co.uk
SN Famala Rose Lurthusamy
Admin Manager

E-mail: famala.rose@moh.gov.my