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Clinical Research Centre , Hospital Queen Elizabeth I (CRC QEHI) also previously known as CRC Sabah, was first established as part of the Network of Clinical Research Centres of the Ministry of Health (MOH) in 2008. It has been operational since 2008 with the aim to promote, support and conduct quality and ethical clinical research to improve patients’ outcome in HQEI. CRC QEHI undertakes clinical research, and provides research-related administrative services and training courses including research methodology, medical biostatistics and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) workshops.

Previously since 2008, CRC Sabah was temporarily located in the Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis Unit (CAPD Unit) in Queen Elizabeth Hospital. In March 2010, it officially moved to its own premise, a modest colonial bungalow converted into office, within the Queen Elizabeth Hospital I compound. Since the move, vast expansion of research facilities within the hospital has been done to support the increasing activities of research trainings, Investigator Initiated Research (IIR) and Industry Sponsored Research (ISR) in the hospital.

To become a leading clinical research institution in Asia.


  • To improve patients health outcome through ethical and quality clinical research
  • To deliver high quality health care through the systematic generation and application of evidence derived from clinical research.
  • To inculcate clinical research as an integral component of health care delivery.


  • To promote investigator-initiated research, industry-sponsored research and clinical registry with the aim to raise awareness of the need for clinical research within the healthcare system of Sabah.
  • To provide research consultation on clinical trials and other aspects of clinical research.
  • To encourage capacity building for the clinical research workforce.
  • To encourage and coordinate research activities with the aim of improving the implementation and conduct of clinical research.
  • To support the development of new clinical research centres and clinical trials networks.
  • To facilitate partnerships between researchers, policy makers, healthcare providers, industry and clients.
  • To develop policy recommendations to improve the quality of investigator-initiated research and industry sponsored research.

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To be a centre of information research referral in Hospital Queen Elizabeth I To receive and arrange visitors from Pharmaceutical Company, research sponsor and Contract Research Organisation (CRO)
To provide research consultancy services such as research proposal and medical statistics To provide site management services for research project
To provide research consultancy services such as research proposal and medical statistics To provide staff as Clinical Research Coordinator in Clinical Trial
To be the local NMRR secretariat and ensure registration of clinical research in the National Medical Research Register (NMRR) To assist initiate Clinical Trial Research
To provide internet services and international fax for usage in Clinical Trial and Registry / Database  

Workshop/Training/Activities 2021

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2021 | TBA

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