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Year established : 2011. Clinical Research Centre, Hospital Queen Elizabeth II (CRC HQEII) also known as CRC Sabah Heart Centre, was established as part of the Network of Clinical Research Centres of the Ministry of Health (MOH) in 2011. It has been operational since December 2011, headed by Dr Liew Houng Bang with the aim to promote, support and conduct quality and ethical clinical research to improve patients’ outcome in HQEII.

CRC HQEII undertakes clinical research, and provides research-related administrative services and training courses including research methodology, medical biostatistics and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) workshops.

To equip medical staff in HQE II with skills in conducting quality and ethical clinical research.

To promote, support and conduct quality and ethical clinical research and training in research in HQE II.

Function/role as a network CRC

  • To be a centre of information research referral in Hospital Queen Elizabeth II.
  • To promote and support Clinical Registry / Database in Malaysia.
  • To provide research consultancy services such as research proposal and medical statistics.
  • To be the local NMRR secretariat and ensure registration of clinical research in the National Medical Research Register (NMRR).
  • To provide internet services and international fax for usage in Clinical Trial and Registry / Database.
  • To receive and arrange visitors from Pharmaceutical Company, research sponsor and Contract Research Organisation (CRO)
  • To provide site management services for research project).
  • To provide staff as Clinical Research Coordinator in Clinical Trial.
  • To assist initiate Clinical Trial Research


Support for Research Projects
* NMRR online registration.
* Assist in protocol writing.
* Consultation of statistical and research project.
* Assist in research grant application
* Mentorship for research protocol development.
Research Training, Courses & Workshop
* Basic research methodology workshop.
* Basic Good Clinical Practice.
* Pharmacoecomics workshop.
Clinical Research Registries
* NCVD ACS (Acute Coronary Syndrome).
* NCVD PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention).
* Rheumatic Heart Disease Registry
Research Tutorial & Support
* In-house GCP tutorials

Workshop/Training/Activities 2019

20-22 Feb | Good Clinical Practice
23-24 March | Introduction To Clinical Research
22-23 April | Questionnaire Validation
17-18 July | Evidence Based Medicane
17-18 Aug | Basic Research Methodology
18 Aug | SPSS Workshnop
5-6 Oct | Sabah Research Camp & Writing Retreat

Newsletter CRC QEII Publications Multimedia
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Dr. Liew Houng Bang

E-mail: hbliew22@gmail.com
Clinical Research Centre
Hospital Queen Elizabeth II
Lorong Bersatu
Off Jalan Damai Luyang
88300 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-245249 /
013-881 4046 (operating only office hours)
Fax: 088-272454

Location Map
Yen Chia How
Medical Officer

E-mail: skyych85@gmail.com
SN Sharon Shang Yen Ni
Admin Manager

E-mail: sharonyennishang@yahoo.com.my