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The Hospital Melaka Clinical Research Centre (CRC MELAKA) is established in 2008 in Melaka as part of the Network of Clinical Research Centers of the Ministry of Health (MOH). It was located at the 2nd floor of Block B opposite in Melaka Hospital. CRC Melaka is responsible for conducting quality and ethical research to improve patient outcome in Melaka.

Since January 2012, we operate in a newly renovated CRC Building which is located adjacent to the main entrance of Melaka Hospital. In our new premises, we have expanded our services & facilities. We aim to increase the number & variety of clinical research here.

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Dr Shalini Vijayasingham

E-mail: shalinivn@gmail.com
Clinical Research Centre Melaka
Hospital Melaka
Jalan Mufti Haji Khalil
75400 Melaka Bandaraya BersejarahTel: 06-2892195/2182
Fax: 06-2860495

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SN Barbara Anak Michael
Admin Manager

E-mail: barbaramic@moh.gov.my
Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday : 8am-5pm
Break Time (Monday-Thursday) :1pm-2pm
Beak Time Friday : 12.15pm- 2.45pm