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No Tajuk Penceramah Tarikh Muat turun
01 Adolescents Cohort in Malaysia- Findings and What we had learned about Cohort Study Dr Hazreen Abdul Majid (PhD, RD) Associate Professor, Department of Social Preventive and Medicine, UM and Research Fellow at Harvard Chan School of Public Health 29 Jan 2018
02 Vulnerabilities in Research Phaik Yeong Cheah, B.Pharm, MSc (Bioethics), PhD, Head, Bioethics & Engagement, Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit 13 Nov 2017
03 Molecular Diagnostics in Dengue Dr. Ravindran Thayan, Head of Virology Unit 25 Ogos 2016
04 Health System Reforms in Three Countries Dr. Aimi Nadiah Jamel, HSU/
Muhammad Farid Zaidun, Malaysia Healthcare Performance Unit (MHPU)
11 Ogos 2016
05 Data Management Teo Jau Shya 16 Jun 2016
06 MOH Research Grant Roslinda Abu Supian, Sekretariat NIH 26 Mei 2016
07 Overview of Systematic Review Dr. Nur Syimah Izzah Abdullah Thani 2016
08 How To Choose A Journal For Submission Dr. Nirmala Bhoo Pathy 29 Mac 2012
09 Research Reports Writing Them The Right Way Anne John Michael 12 April 2012
10 How To Prepare An Oral Presentation Dr. Nirmala Bhoo Pathy 19 April 2012
11 How To Prepare A Poster Presentation Dr. Sharmini Selvarajah 3 Mei 2012
13 Attending an International Conference Dr. Sharmini Selvarajah 17 Mei 2012
14 Email Etiquette Nurrul Akma Mahamad Amin 26 Julai 2012