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What’s New

Research Highlight
March 2009
CRC Staff were invited to the Hospital Umum Sarawak, Cardiac Dept Family Night 
24 April 2009
Ketua ketua JabatanRadiologi Peringkat Kebangsaan 2009 – Participants visited CRC, HUS
9 June 2009
New Staff: Cik Zuriah Bte Sarkawi N17

December 2008

CRC, Sarawak General Hospital Newsletter 3rd issue was available for circulation. 
November 2008
2 Pharmacists from Sarawak General Hospital (one from CRC) was sent to the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) for 1 month bioequivalence training.
It is in the plan for the future CRC, Kuching to incorporate within this facility, the first Bioequivalence Unit. Therefore, the training will ensure all medications; including generic medicines are of the best quality, safe and efficacious. In this collaborative action, we aim to maintain and improve the health and well being of our Nation.
October 2008
Happy Birthday to Puan Sithy Harjieah Ibrahim (RA-27 Oct) and Cik Tiong Wen Ni (RA-13 Oct) 
17 October 2008 : World Heart Day. CRC staffs participate with the health screening in the shopping centre. 
October 2008CRC, Sarawak General Hospital Newsletter 2nd issue was available for circulation. This is a two monthly newsletter.

Meetings, Conferences & Courses

1. a. Research in Progress meeting (Oct – Dec) – 3 meetings
In these meetings talks were given:
31 Oct (10th) “Paediatric Research Update” by Dr Chan Lee Gaik
“How to register with NMRR” by Puan Sithy Harjieah
21 November (11th) “Neurosurgery Research Update” by Dr Ravindran Vashu/ Mr Albert Wong
b. Clinical Research Committee Meeting
The 3rd meeting was held on 14 November 2008. Committee members are Heads of the Hospital Directorate and staff who have interests in research. This committee is head by Dr Sim Kui Hian, Head CRC, Kuching.
2. Conferences/Courses
1. CReaTE08 IN Sunway Resort Hotel @ Spa on 20-22 October 2008.
(A) Clinical Research and Trial Excellence Conference was attended by :
(a) Ms Tan Hoon Yian (b) Ms Yanti Nasyuhaha Sani

(c) Ms Tiong Wen Li

(B) MSOM: Towards Improving the use of medicines in Malaysia on 22-24 October 2008 was attended by:
(a) Ms Yanti Nasyuhaha Sani (b) Ms Tiong Lee Len
(C) Registry Users Seminar on 22-23 October 2008
(D) Intermediate CRA Training Course on 24-25 October 2008
Both was attended by : Puan Sithy Harjieah Ibrahim (RA)
2. National Bioequivalence & Advanced Pharmacokinetics Workshop 2008 in Putrajaya International Convention Centre on 29-30 October 2008.
Attended by Pharmacist :
(a) Cik Yanti Nasyuhana bt Sani (CRC, Kuching)(b) Cik Tiong Lee Len (Pharmacy Dept, HUS)
3. Basic research methodology & biostatistics workshop in Hotel Flamingo, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur on 7-9 November 2008.
Attended by :
Puan Sithy Harjieah Ibrahim (RA, CRC, Kuching)
4. 10th Symposium of the Malaysian Society of applied Biology in Merdeka Palace Hotel, Kuching on 7-8 November 2008
Attended by :
Cik Tiong Wen Ni (RA)



Research/data information request from (Oct-Dec):Internal clients – 1
External clients – 6
2. Feasibility studies request (Oct – Dec) – 10 
3. Publication

i. Dr B.C.R. Devi (Oncologist)
a. “Documenting Pain as the Fifth Vital Sign: A Feasibility Study in an Oncology Ward in Sarawak, Malaysia”. Oncology 2008; 74 (Suppl.): 35-39 (DOI: 10.01159/000143216)
b. “Better patient awareness can lead to better treatment decisions”: Editorial in Surgical Oncology, Aug 2008 DOI information: 10.1016/j. suronc. 2008.07.007
c. “Preliminary results from the pilot study on the National Cancer Patient Registry – Cervical Cancer” In Malaysian Medical Journal, Vol:63, Supplement Aug 2008
ii. Dr Chan Lee Giak (Paediatrician)
a. “Epidemiology of Intussusception in Malaysia a three – year review”. SouthEast Asian J Trop Med Public Health, Vol 39 No. 5 September 2008 pg 848-855

i. 25 November – MREC meeting for “Biomarker patterns in young patients with acute coronary syndromes in Malaysia” attended by Dr Alan Fong


1. Joint CRC-BiotechCorp Good Clinical Practice Workshop
Tentative date: 27-29 May 2009Click here to get the brochure
2. 1st Scientific Writing Workshop for Healthcare Practitioners30-31 August 2008- Hilton Hotel, Kuching
3. Basic Statistics for Clinicians16-17 August 2008 – UNIMAS, Kuching
4. SPSS Workshop (Advance) in Swinburne University, Kuching19 July 2008
5. SPSS Workshop (Basic) in Swinburne University, Kuching12 July 2008



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