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Achievement (CRC Ampang)

Studies Done In CRC Ampang For Year 2008

# Study Code Title
1. WSA-CS-003 Open label study of isovuconazole in the treatment of patients with Aspergillosis and renal impairment of or of patients with invasive fungal disease caused by rare moulds, yeasts or dimorphic fungi
2. WSA-CS-008 A phase III, double-blind, randomized study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of BAP8557 versus a caspofungin followed by voriconazole regimen in the treatment of candidemia and other invasive candida infections
3. WSA-CS-004 A phase III, double blind, randomized study to evaluate safety and efficacy of BAL8557 versus voriconazole for primarytreatment of invasive fungal disease caused by aspergillus species or oother filamentous fungi
4. CAMN107A2303 A phase III multi center, open-label, randomized study of imatinib versus nilotinib in adult patients with newly diagnosed Philadelphia chromosome positive ( Ph +) chronic myelogenous leukemia in chronic phase ( CML-CP)
5. DACOGENTMEAP An expended Access Programme ( EAP) for Decitabine ( DACOGEN) In subjects with Myelodysplstic Syndrome (MDS)
6. ML18223 (NHL-13) A multicentre, randomized Phase III study of rituximab as maintenance treatment versus observation alone in patients with aggressive B-cell lymphoma : NHL13
7. CLBH589E2214 A phase II study of oral Panobinostat in adult patients with relapsed/refractory classical Hodkin’s Lymphoma after failure of high-dose Chemotherapy with autologous stem cell transfusion and a Gemcitabine- or Vinorelbine- or Vinblastine- containing treatment regimen.
8. NMRR-08-1318-2700 Pendatang Asing: Penggunaan perkhidmatan perubatan di hospital Kerajaan di Lembah Kelang – masalah dan cabaran
9. UPM (Dr. Maha) study Gene Profiling and Survival of Acute Leukemia
10. CAMN107AMY01T An open-label, multicenter, expanded access study of oral AMN107 in adult patients Imatinib (Glivec/Gleevec)resistant or- intolerant Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in Blast crisis, accelerated Phase or chronic phase