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About Us (CRC Selayang)

The Clinical Research Centre Hospital Selayang (CRC HS) has been operational since 26 September 2006 and is part of the Network of Clinical Research Centres under the Ministry of Health (MOH). Its core functions are to coordinate research done by health care providers at Hospital Selayang (HS) including clinical registries, and organize training related to research. Services provided include coordinating web application set up and reviewing research proposals submitted by doctors from HS, proposals for research to be done at HS from medical students and university students of other institutions.

Currently Hospital Selayang takes part in five clinical registries that include the National Liver Registry (NLR), National Renal Registry (NRR), National Neonatal Registry (NNR), National Cataract Surgery Registry (NCSR) and National Trauma Registry (NTR). Among these registries, CRC HS is the main coordinating site for the NLR, NNR and NCSR.
Key Staff:

Dr Wong Hin Seng