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Mengenai Kami (CRC Pahang)

The Clinical Research Centre (CRC) has been operational since 21st November 2003. CRC functions as the clinical research arm for the Ministry of Health at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan (HTAA) Kuantan. This is in accordance with the MOH circular that all clinical research using MOH facilities and patients must register with CRC.

CRC HTAA provides infrastructure and staffing for the on-site Clinical Research Program (CRP). It also functions in support of multiple CRC and HTAA investigators, both in Industry Sponsored Research (ISR) and Investigator Initialed Research (IIR). The CRC staff will provide support in the development of translational research protocols, research staff and assist with patient recruiment and reimbursement. Basic sample processing was also performed in specialized laborarories located on-site.

Researchers who utilize the new facility have proposed a diverse array of research studies, which involve pulmonary diseases, medical genetics, cardiovascular dieases and reproductive health. CRC HTAA also accommodates outpatient research only and offer routine patient evaluation. The Clinical Research Unit also provides and allows advanced training opportunities for students, nurses and postdoctoral fellows whose research interests require access to clinical samples and patients.

The opening of CRC HTAA reflects a widening of the MOH research portfolio to include translational research. In CRC, researchers and grantees will be encouraged to develop protocols that promote translational and interdisciplinary research at various levels.

Vision : To be a leading regional clinical research organization in the east coast of Malaysia

Mission : To improve patient’s outcomes through quality and ethical clinical research

Services provide by CRC:

1) Provide guidelines for application to conduct drug related clinical trial in Malaysia.
2) Procedures for getting grant.
3) Coordinate with other department.
4) Role as contract research organization.
Types of clinical research undertaken by CRC:

1) Clinical trials
2) Health outcomes research
3) Clinical economics research
4) Clinical epidemiological research

Pengurusan :

Ahli Jawatankuasa CRC HTAA :

Dr Selva Kumar A/L Sivapunniam – Pengerusi dan Ketua CRC

Dr Fariz Safhan B. Mohd Nor – Timbalan Pengerusi


1) Dr. Selva Kumar A/L Sivapunniam (Chairman)
2) Dr Fariz Safhan Mohd Nor (Deputy)
3) Dr. Arfahiza Selim
4) Dr. Aiza Shafrina Othman
5) Dr. Nyin Li Yuen
6) Dr. Ida Azlina Zakaria
7) Dr. Hafizah Mohmed
8) Dr. Chan Chee Eng
9) Dr. Tharumaraja Thiruselvam
10)Dr. Shawarinin Jusoh
11)Puan Nur Fazlin Abd Ghafar

Pendaftaran NMRR:

Rujukan: Cik: Lim Bee Chiu/Puan Fatihah Mahmud