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About Us (CRC KL)

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CRC HKL is led by Dr Hajjah Salina Abdul Aziz as the Head of CRC HKL. As the Senior Consultant as well as the Head of Psychiatry Department HKL, she is the living epitome of the research spirit. A holder of Master in Clinical Epidemiology, she has been involved in tremendous clinical trials at the national level as well as internationally. She embodies a great leadership in promoting positive research attitudes and bringing awareness to all levels of healthcare providers especially in making a clear message that “research isn’t just for doctors”. Excellent programs have been planned to deliver that message to everyone especially to HKL staff.

Dr Salina is assisted by six medical officers, Dr Siti Fadhilah Agos, Dr Mohd Azizuddin Amir Shariffuddin, Dr. Murnilina Abdul Malek, Dr. Nurul Asyiqin Abdul Aziz, Dr. Karina Koh and Dr. Izzaty Dalawi. In the administrative team, Assistant Medical Officer En Abdul Salam, Sister Mastunah, Muhammad Al-Hafiz and En Fazli are the backbones in making it all possible.

CRC HKL is supported by Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM) personals; Matron Salbiah, Puan Murniyati and Puan Hasliza Halim as well as Matron Datin Rohani as the freelance Research Study Coordinator. We are proud to represent CRC HKL in giving the best services we could to bring up the quality of clinical researches conducted in HKL to the eyes of the world in hope for better health quality of our patients.