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About Us (CRC Ipoh)

Vision & Mission

The vision of the CRC Perak is to promote, support and conduct clinical research and training in research in Perak.
The mission of the CRC Perak is to improve patient’s outcomes through equipping medical staff with skills to conduct quality clinical research.


1. To provide leadership in the development and strengthening of clinical research capacity in the Ministry of Health (MOH).
2. To facilitate the establishment of hospital clinical research centres and provide technical support to the network of Hospital CRCs.
3. To promote and support the conduct of Investigator Initiated Research among MOH staff.
4. To coordinate the conduct of Industry Sponsored Research at MOH facilities.
5. To establish and maintain clinical database for the MOH.
6. To establish collaboration with local, regional and international research organisations in the pursuit for excellence in clinical research in the country.

Services offered
-Research consultation
-Assist in Feasibility
-Protocol/ Proposal development
-Protocol/ Abstract Writing
-Manuscript/Report Writting
-Protocol submission to MREC
-Data entry/Management/Analysis
-Literature Search
-Research Training
-Statistical Analysis
-NMRR Registration/ Updates
-Poster Design
-Trial Monitoring
-Grant Management and Application
-Sample Size Estimation
-Statistical Software

-Fully equipped Trial Clinic
-Specimen handling room (equipped with centrifuge, deep freezer, and freezer)
-Drug storage room
-Discussion room
-Training room with computer facilities